GWM 100 TWIN – Wall-Mounted Dual-Station Manual Spay Gun Cleaner

ISTpaint GWM 100 TWIN is a compact, economic unit designed for body shops and users who require repetitive color and coating changes, providing quick rinse / clean solution. Versatile dual-manual washing stations allow for efficient cleaning of gravity fed paint spray guns as well as PPS and other disposable cup adapters.

GWM 100 TWIN wall unit provides high cleaning-fluid rate of delivery in spite of low air consumption, for rapid cleaning or rinsing of solvent or waterborne paint equipment.

Increase life span of your paint equipment by up to 75% and get ready for the next paint job in no time!




  • Low fluid consumption: 80-100 ml per wash
  • Dual manual washing stations equipped with robust brush, air whip line, clean rinse and air rinse / drying nozzles
  • Cost-effective solution for reducing solvent or waterborne fluid consumption and waste, and for increasing painter productivity
  • Optional floor stand to avoid wall mounting
  • Durable, pumpless system
  • Built-in automatic fume-extraction vent for solvent-based fluids
  • Long-term warranty: parts 2 years
  • Environmental-friendly solution reduces solvent or waterborne fluid consumption, hazardous waste and VOC emissions

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