Indexing Spinner Hanger GC 2650

ISTblast airless-blast spinner hangers come in a variety of sizes. Rugged, long-lasting industrial equipment provides versatility to blast wide range of part sizes and shapes. Spinner Hanger delivers high efficiency with center-fed blast wheels. Control-cage cast inside wheel lets you manage abrasive pattern for outstanding shot impact on work surface. ISTblast equipment is designed for easy maintenance and durability. ISTblast blast wheels’ proven reliability and longevity go well with Spinner Hanger heavy-duty construction.


Option - Indexing Spinner Hanger SH 2560 - ISTblast


  • 2 indexing blast chambers – as one blast chamber is being cleaned, the other can be loaded without shut down
  • Heavy duty abrasive recycling system with air wash separator
  • Blast chamber constructed of manganese chrome alloy steel with 1/4” manganese alloy liners for long life and low maintenance
  • Adjustable control cage cast in wheel lets you manage abrasive pattern for highest percentage of shot impact on work surface
  • Torque-limiting devise provides overload protection and prevents damage in event cylinder dislodges in machine
  • Easily removable manganese fixtures with load capacity of 175 lb
  • Safety curtains protect operators from rotating drum.
  • Machine warranty applies
  • Pre-wired and tested

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