Indexing Spinner Hanger SH Series

ISTblast SH Series airless-blast indexing spinner-hangers deliver excellent efficiency with center-fed blast wheels, and come in a range of part shapes and sizes. Durable, heavy-duty spinner-hanger construction combined with renowned ISTblast wheels make a solid combination for your industrial needs.

Control-cage cast inside wheel lets you manage abrasive pattern for outstanding shot impact. ISTblast equipment is designed for easy maintenance and long life.

Blast Wheel ”VK PowerMax”

VK PowerMax


Option_En - Indexing Spinner Hanger SH Series - ISTblast


  • Twice the horsepower to comparable equipment
  • Manganese wheel housing and cast liners
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Heavy duty auger system
  • Heavy duty abrasive recycling system
  • 3 cast-lined blast rooms
  • Light curtains standard to provide highest level of operator safety
  • 25% heavier, more robust than comparable equipment
  • Multiple indexing available
  • Machine warranty
  • Pre-wired and tested

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