Monorail Flow Through Sandblaster

SERIES MR 2412 to 7236: If your facility uses overhead monorail systems, ISTblast offers airless shot blast machinery for weldments and parts, designed to integrate into your existing material-handling system.

Larger machines with with larger lip-type airwash separators also available (like model MR5412 shown below).

Blast Wheel ”VK PowerMax”

VK PowerMax


  • Cost effective method for cleaning wide variety of parts
  • Slow to fast processing speeds suitable for your specific application
  • Abrasive conveyance system and air-wash separation system recycle abrasive to overhead hopper for continuous supply of clean abrasive
  • Utilizes 4, 6, or 8 model VK PowerMax direct drive blast wheels for complete 360° part coverage
  • Vestibules and seal systems specially designed to reduce carry out and abrasive loss
  • Monorail conveyance system with variable speed drive accommodates 1 to 60 feet-per-minute blasting speeds
  • Heavy duty, internal, replaceable cabinet liners protect cabinet from direct abrasive wear


  • Dust collection system.
  • Rotary scalp drum for separating slag, ashing and other large contaminants
  • Auxiliary abrasive hopper and low-level sensor
  • UL approved electrical panel.
  • PLC Controls

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