Rotary Table Sandblasting System

Series 36 to 96 T  Table Blast models from ISTblast are lined with self-draining, 3/8» thick manganese alloy plate, and make the ideal choice when size and shape of parts are not suitable for tumbling.

Parts are rotated on table and cleaned by abrasive blast. Full line of table blast systems available, including larger machines with 96-inch diameter tables and more, as well as swing-table models.

Blast Wheel ”VK PowerMax”

VK PowerMax



  • Wrap-around door for easy access to loading and unloading parts
  • Fully adjustable lip type air wash separator for optimal abrasive cleaning
  • Direct impingement areas in line with blast streams are lined with 1/2” thick 12” x 12” replaceable cast chrome/moly liners
  • Safety interlock prevents opening of blast cabinet doors during operation, protecting operator from injury
  • Electrical panel equipped with low abrasive sensor and warning light

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