Wheels & Rims Sandblaster

ISTblast has a wheel and rim blast cleaning system that rises to the challenge of production requirements and budget constraints. WH 48 Series batch-style machine accommodates wide range of rim sizes from 12 – 26 inches in diameter. Cleaning cycle time produces approximately 130 O.T.R truck rims per 8-hour shift.

WH 48 pneumatic lifting system improves safety by loading and unloading machine, eliminating operator lifting.

Blast Wheel ”VK PowerMax”

VK PowerMax


  • Large capacity blasting room allows up to 26” diameter rim
  • Two 15 HP center-fed blast wheels ensure 360 degree rim coverage
  • Wheel housing is wear lined with 1” thick perimeter cast chrome-moly
  • Robust, long-lasting construction
  • Replaceable cast chrome blast pad
  • Vertical pneumatic door provides access to blast cabinet

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