DCM200 – Bag-House Motorized Dust Collector for Abrasive Blast Room Recovery Systems

DCM200 is a high efficiency, motorized dust collector specially designed for our MRS200 and MRS500 abrasive blast room pneumatic recovery systems. Exhaust system equipped with powerful 10 hp+ turbine engine and provides high filtration efficiency to suck and extract fine particles and dust from abrasive residues used during sandblasting operations.

Designed for heavy-duty usage, this dust collector is highly efficient in preventing dust from escaping into work environment and contaminating work surfaces and machines. Reinforced frame is resistant to high levels of air-suction, with optional horizontal muffler to reduce engine noise.

This heavy-duty motorized dust collector is equipped with manual (or optional automatic) shaker for dislodging dust agglomerated on surface of filter bags. Extremely sturdy and durable, with minimal supervision and maintenance required from operator.




  • Dust collector featuring energy-saving air-filtration system that captures 99.5% of all particles 3 microns (µm) or larger
  • High performance motor-head exhaust system
  • Barrel dust outlet with trap door
  • Easy access to filter bags
  • Standard replacement bags readily available

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