Abrasive Blast Room

IST is a leader in its field of design, fabrication and installation of abrasive blast rooms. Depending on your surface treatment requirements, we can provide a complete turnkey solution including a new room, or provide equipment and technical support to guide you in the self-manufacturing of your room or upgrade of an existing room. This option makes it possible to save substantially on your construction expenses.

With minimal to no maintenance required, ISTblast screw conveyor or pneumatic recovery systems for abrasive blast rooms provide safe and efficient indoor surface-treatment environments, independent of outdoor weather conditions. The result is a safer environment for operators as well as protection against harmful sandblasting dust. It is the safest and most effective process in surface treatment while recycling most popular abrasives such as glass beads, aluminum oxide, steel shot and steel grit. Those who own our systems achieve substantial savings in consumption of abrasives, since recycling rates of 95% and more can be attained.

Benefits of owning ISTblast Abrasive Blast Room:

  • Significant cost savings: abrasives can be collected, sorted and recycled
  • Increase in productivity: blast 24/7 indoors
  • Great flexibility in room configuration, dimension and recovery-floor hopper layout


 MRS500 Vacuum Recovery System

ISTblast MRS500 Vacuum Recovery System: inexpensive, easy-to implement and ideal for confined applications such as blasting large tanks and hard-to-spill reservoirs, with handy suction head for vacuuming residual abrasive from floor or hard-to-reach cavities from blasted part. System uses no floor hopper, resulting in less care and maintenance. MRS500 high performance Vacuum Recovery System consists […]

 MRS200 Pneumatic Floor Recovery System

ISTblast MRS200 Pneumatic Floor Recovery System is an efficient and inexpensive solution for recovering used abrasive with minimal effort from operator. System is suitable for large or small rooms, and offers flexibility in recovery floor layouts. Abrasive residues must be swept or shoveled into floor hopper to be recovered by system. This recovery system can […]

 MSW1200 Pneumatic Floor Recovery System

ISTblast MSW1200 Pneumatic Floor Recovery System is a very affordable solution, limited only in terms of recovery hopper length (max. 10 feet) and type of abrasive used. Abrasive residues must be swept or shoveled into a floor hopper in order to be recovered by the system. This recovery system can convey lightweight abrasives such as […]

 Mechanical Loading Recovery System

The Mechanical Loading Recovery System is the ideal solution for extremely large abrasive blast rooms with limited budgets, or for maximizing productivity in facilities where excavation is not permitted. Abrasive residues must be loaded mechanically into discharge hopper in order to be recovered by the system. It is a high-efficiency system that is inexpensive to […]

 Mechanical Recovery System – Screw Conveyor & Bucket Elevator

Mechanical Recovery System for Abrasive Blast Room uses screw conveyors and bucket elevator to convey abrasive residues into recovery system. The ideal solution for maximizing operator performance, care and maintenance of system components. System is suitable for large or small rooms, and offers flexibility in terms of recovery speed and floor layout. This recovery system […]

 Bucket Elevator Recovery System

Bucket Elevator System: the ideal solution for conveying any type of abrasive to recovery system. A key component of our Mechanical Recovery System, the bucket elevator can also be stand-alone recovery system in variety of abrasive blast rooms. Operator simply shovels or sweeps used abrasives into loading hopper provided. Bucket elevator lifts abrasives to top […]


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